Meet Our Organizing Committee

Helen Eifert

Helen has been playing ultimate since 2013 and has played for the following teams: USA U24 Mixed National Team 2019, Dallas Public Enemy (club mixed), Texas Showdown (club women's), Northern Arizona University Jines in the Pines (college women's), Christchurch ChCh Chicks (club women's), Ottawa Stella (club women's), St. Lawrence University Ruckus Bus (college men's/mixed), and John Jay Air Raid (high school men's). She currently coaches the Northern Arizona Men's College Team, El Ponderoso. Helen is the founder and one of the managers of the Arizona Sidewinders.

Kody Lippincott

Kody has been playing ultimate since 2011 and has played for the following teams: San Diego Wolfpack (pro), Phoenix Rubix (club mixed), Phoenix Snowbirds (master’s mixed), Phoenix Del Sol (club mixed), Pittsburgh Hot Metal (club women’s), and ASU Caliente (college women’s). She has been an assistant coach for Arizona State University’s Women’s team, Caliente for two years. Her father, Byron Lippincott, was also heavily involved in Phoenix ultimate for several decades, playing on Club/Masters teams and running leagues/tournaments around the Phoenix area. Kody is one of the managers and owners of the Arizona Sidewinders.

Lisa Shipek

Lisa has been playing since 2002 and has played for the following teams: San Diego Wolfpack (pro), Tucson Venom (club women’s), D.C. Over the Hill (masters beach), Seattle J-2 (grand masters women’s), Tucson Mucho Gusto (club women’s); Arizona Blaze (club women’s); Tucson Barrio (club mixed); University of Arizona Scorch (college women’s). She coached the UA Scorch team for two years, and has captained many teams, most recently San Diego Wolfpack. This year she was a captain/coach for Tucson Venom for her 5th year on the team. Lisa is one of the managers and owners of the Arizona Sidewinders.

Laura Prelsnik

 Laura has been playing ultimate since 2007 and has played for the following teams: San Diego Wolfpack (pro), Tucson Venom (club women’s), Arizona Whiptail (club women’s), New Zealand’s Duke of Wellington (club mixed), Tucson’s Barrio (club mixed), and the University of Arizona’s Scorch (college women’s). She has also coached UA’s Scorch for eight years.

Caity Winterbottom

Caity has been playing ultimate since 2010 when she started playing in college and has played for the following teams: San Diego Wolfpack (pro), Phoenix Rubix (club mixed), Tucson Instant Karma (club mixed), Monsoon (club women’s), Fighting Platypi (club mixed), and Humboldt State (college women’s). She was one of two co-founders of Monsoon women’s ultimate in 2017. She has helped as an assistant coach for the Northern Arizona University women’s college team.

Shelby Petty

Shelby has been playing ultimate since 2012 and has played for the following teams: Harding University Sky Bisons (college women’s) where she played for five years and was a captain for one year, Little Rock Mixed on the Rock (club mixed), and Phoenix Rubix (club mixed).  Coming from a locale of limited ultimate opportunities and women’s involvement, Shelby is passionate about growing the sport for all people, improving access to high level play, and empowering women to feel confident on the field.

Lindsey Doyle

Lindsey has been playing ultimate since 2003 and has played for the following teams: Seiche out of Milwaukee WI (club mixed), Wildcard out of Lexington, MA (club mixed, nationals qualifier), Snowbirds out of Phoenix, AZ (club mixed masters) and also Coached Arizona State University Caliente (college women's). She currently plays for Rubix out of Phoenix, AZ (club mixed). As a sports performance enhancement training specialist, Lindsey has a passion for training the next generation of athletes through speed and agility clinics and beginner skills clinics and has been involved in the local ultimate league community in Phoenix, AZ for 10 years. Lindsey is one of the owners of the Arizona Sidewinders.

Meet our 2020 Coaches

HEAD COACH: Harrison Schwarzer

Harrison was playing professional ultimate when the Rochester Dragons were still a thing. He has played extensively in Ottawa and has a bronze medal with the Canadian Mixed National Team, but is not Canadian. Recently, he coached Dallas Public Enemy's D-line to earn pro flight status at Nationals, winning Ultiworld's Second Runner Up Mixed Coach of the Year Award. He is all about conditioning. He believes the professional scene requires athletes to be in peak condition and is ecstatic to bring that fire to the Sidewinders. Harrison is most excited to coach with our assistant coach, Zac, to highlight the strengths of our Arizona womxn!


Zac got his start to ultimate in the southeast. He captained Harding's DIII Men's team and played a year of pro with the Nashville Nightwatch. After recently moving to Arizona, he played the most recent club season with Phoenix Rubix, helping to earn them select flight status. Zac excels in teaching handling and has a stellar defensive mindset. If he could choose, every line would be D-line. Zac is most excited to coach with our head coach Harrison against high level teams that come from cities that frequent Club Nationals!

Meet our 2020 Managers

TEAM MANAGER: Chris Hohmann

Meet one of our team managers, Chris Hohmann! Chris discovered Ultimate in Tucson in 2010. Since then he has been a great asset to the Tucson Ultimate community by organizing field rentals and managing their finances. He is excited to delve into managing the finances and logistics of Sidewinders this year! 


Meet our other team manager, Erin Donahue! Erin has been playing ultimate in the valley for 13 years! She helped begin the club team Rubix and played on San Diego Wolfpack last year. Her organizational skills will be incredibly important in our upcoming season, as she will be managing outreach, planning events, and our game day experience!

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