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Get to know the Snakes. 

The Arizona Sidewinders is the first professional Ultimate team in the state of Arizona. Our mission is to advance both visibility and equity within the sport of Ultimate. Across the state of Arizona, we will foster growth within our sport, create leadership and volunteer opportunities for our communities, and provide a way for women and non-binary players to compete on a stage that showcases high-level, competitive Ultimate.

Meet Our Leadership

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Helen Eifert

Helen has been playing ultimate since 2013 and has played for the following teams: USA U24 Mixed National Team 2019, Dallas Public Enemy (club mixed), Texas Showdown (club women's), Northern Arizona University Jines in the Pines (college women's), Christchurch ChCh Chicks (club women's), Ottawa Stella (club women's), St. Lawrence University Ruckus Bus (college men's/mixed), and John Jay Air Raid (high school men's). She currently coaches the Northern Arizona Men's College Team, El Ponderoso. Helen is the founder and one of the managers of the Arizona Sidewinders. 

Reach Helen directly at

Kody Lippincott, LLC Manager

 LLC Manager
Kody Lippincott

Kody has been playing ultimate since 2011 and has played for the following teams: San Diego Wolfpack (pro), Phoenix Rubix (club mixed), Phoenix Snowbirds (master’s mixed), Phoenix Del Sol (club mixed), Pittsburgh Hot Metal (club women’s), and ASU Caliente (college women’s). She has been an assistant coach for Arizona State University’s Women’s team, Caliente for two years. Her father, Byron Lippincott, was also heavily involved in Phoenix ultimate for several decades, playing on Club/Masters teams and running leagues/tournaments around the Phoenix area. 


Reach Kody directly at

Chris Hohmann, LLC Manager

LLC Manager
Chris Hohmann

Chris acts as the Financial Manager of the Sidewinders. He discovered Ultimate in Tucson in 2010. Since then he has been a great asset to the Tucson Ultimate community by organizing field rentals and managing their finances. 

Reach Chris directly at


LLC Manager
Kaetlynn  Daoust

Reach Kaetlynn directly at


Lindsey Doyle
Kody Lippincott
Kay Powell
Venu Manne
Brian Miller
William Walker
Jamal Yusof

Founding Committee

Helen Eifert
Lindsey Doyle
Kody Lippincott
Lisa Shipek
Shelby Petty
Caity Winterbottom
Laura Prelsnik

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