Head Coach: Harrison Schwarzer

Assistant Coach: Zac Petty

2020 Arizona Sidewinders Roster

Kapri Cameli

Being a part of the first Sidewinders roster has been a whirlwind. Exciting, nerve racking, disappointing, empowering, and inspirational all in one. I’m just thrilled to have had the opportunity to practice and learn from some of the best ultimate players I have ever met. Now I can’t wait to actually get on the field!

Melissa Dunn

Being on the roster of the first professional women’s team in Arizona means inspiring another generation of female athletes. Growing up, there was little existence of women’s professional sports leagues. I believed only men could become professional athletes. I hope the Sidewinders organization reaches throughout Arizona to help encourage female participation in sports and showcase the strong women of the Southwest.

Ashley Stahl

My frisbee development has had a long trajectory, so I am incredibly honored and proud to be counted as a peer among such talented Sidewinders teammates. It proves that hard work does pay off! While I wish we would have been able to play games this season, I am excited to see what the Sidewinders will accomplish in the future to put Arizona on the frisbee map.

Lisa Shipek

I started playing ultimate in a recreational league in 2002 when looking for a new sports outlet after playing college soccer, and a year later I fell in love with competitive women’s ultimate while playing with UA’s Scorch as a graduate student. Growing women’s ultimate in AZ has been a central part of my life since then, from helping form new women’s teams, to captaining and coaching, to promoting gender equity in recreational leagues and club teams. I’m honored to be a founding member and player on AZ Sidewinders and share the field with so many driven athletes, and my greatest hope is we can be role models and grow opportunities for other womxn, youth, and players of color across the state.


Karli Steiner

I am so thankful to have been chosen for the first Sidewinders roster! I have only been playing Ultimate for a few years, so this opportunity to grow and learn as a professional player has been insane. Each of the Sidewinders is driven, skilled, and selfless. Being able to play with these experienced ladies has been an honor and I cannot wait to get on the field. 

Darrien Dorr

Growing up as an athlete I have alway pushed myself past my physical limits and set high goals. Being a part of this team has brought me to a goal I never thought was achievable. I have looked up to many womxn pro athletes throughout my life and their influence has changed me in many ways. It is an indescribable feeling to be in that position for other young people. It lights a bright fire inside me to continue to push myself past all previously thought physical and mental limitations within this sport and in life. I am honored to be a part of this team and love this organization!


Shelby Petty

I am very honored to be a small part of the Sidewinders because of the impact that we can have on women's and youth girls' sports, opening doors for them in our sport. Though our official season did not occur, the momentum is present and the foundation laid for subsequent seasons! 


Caitlin Winterbottom

I played soccer competitively growing up and very much looked up to the professional female players who started and played in the first womxn’s pro league. Ultimate now fills a similar special place in my heart that soccer once did. Having the opportunity to help unite womxn across the state of Arizona and play alongside them in the WUL has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. Can’t wait to see what next season brings for us!


Emma Jaschke

Being part of the Sidewinders and WUL is meaningful to me because it is an exciting addition to professional sports providing visibility to athletes who otherwise wouldn’t have it. I am so proud to be part of the first ever professional Ultimate team in Arizona and am inspired by all the effort that went into creating the Sidewinders!


Kati Turner

Being a Sidewinder is the culmination of years of hard work—making this roster was a goal I set in order to push myself as an athlete to take my game to the next level. As a medical student, continuing to play high-level ultimate throughout my medical training has kept me balanced and connected to an intensely supportive community. Becoming a Sidewinder broadened that community and, while it wasn’t easy to train for professional ultimate tryouts while training to be a professional surgeon, seeing my name on this roster is a reminder of the deep satisfaction that comes from doing hard things.


Kaetlynn Daoust

Growing up, I idolized the US womxn’s soccer team, watching them score goals, rip their jerseys off in celebration & hoist trophies proudly above their heads. I wondered what it would be like to be them... And now here it is. The opportunity to play professionally in a sport I’ve poured my heart & soul into for over a decade. Now I get to be the womxn who kids watch & say, “I wonder what it would be like...”— and actually believe it possible.  So proud & humbled to be recognized on the inaugural roster of the Arizona Sidewinders & stand shoulder to shoulder with my incredible teammates to help advance womxn’s ultimate across the globe.


Lauren Pisani

I haven't played ultimate for very long, so it was an incredible honor to be a member of the first Sidewinders team and have the opportunity to learn from and work alongside so many of the experienced and talented women I look up to! I loved the dedication, drive, intensity, and support shared by everyone to create a team that I will remember forever.


Jacquelyn Salustro

When I heard that Arizona was going to have a professional ultimate team, I made sure that my plans to move from New Jersey coincided with trying out for this team. I drove cross country and was welcomed by the team and community more enthusiastically than I could have ever imagined. To have been able to be a part of the first season of this team even despite the pandemic makes me so excited for next season and the coming years. I can't wait to play with these womxn again and see where this team goes.


Alexandra Daniels

Being a part of a professional women's ultimate frisbee team and being able to be around so many strong, athletic, incredible women is amazing. I hope this team is able to grow the community of not just female ultimate players, but female athletes in general. I was incredibly sad when the season got canceled, so next year we will have to make up for it. 


Cara Utesch

As an out of state player, I was a little hesitant and unaware of what to expect coming into the Arizona Ultimate scene. After our first practice, I immediately felt connected with all of the women and that I belonged with this close-knit community. Although the season did not turn out as we all expected, I'm still grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a Sidewinder and to get to know such a talented, hard working group of women. 


Captain-Helen Eifert

For my entire ultimate career, I have been a commuter player, driving or flying for high level play. After moving to Arizona, I was so inspired by the talent and community here, stuck outside a closed loop system, I wanted to create opportunity instead of seeking it.  I am constantly in awe of my hard working teammates, devoted leadership, and supportive community. I am honored to be a part of the Sidewinders and excited to see what we can do.


Kay Powell

I feel so honored to be a part of the inaugural Arizona Sidewinders team. I have enjoyed playing competitive ultimate for over 15 years and feel so fortunate that professional womxn’s ultimate was established within my ultimate career timeline. The talent and the drive on this team inspire me to continually push myself to be a better athlete.


Simrit Khalsa

Being a part of the first Arizona-based professional womxn's team was not something I could have imagined when I started playing ultimate 15 years ago. This season was a huge privilege and I look forward to its future growth!


Dakota Lippincott

Some of the most memorable parts of my childhood involved running up & down the sidelines as I watched my dad play ultimate. He competed at some of the highest levels and helped build the Phoenix ultimate community, and I'm honored to be able to blaze my own trail after first following in his footsteps. Turns out, there were womxn all over the Southwest blazing their own trails too. This Sidewinders team has given us a place to come together. It has given us a space in which we can celebrate each other and work together to combine our strengths. It has given us an opportunity to make some noise, and--once everyone is looking--to do something spectacular.

Melissa Huegerich

I am honored to have made the inaugural Arizona Sidewinders roster and beyond excited to share the field with such an amazing calibur of female human beings and athletes. Seeing the ladies around me give their all is inspiring and pushes me to step up to the challenge and believe in myself as their peer. Learning and implementing new strategies at the professional level has given me a fresh perspective and serves as a reminder that we are always students of the game. What I’m most proud of, however, is that in achieving a professional status, I have seen it inspire the ladies I coach and the next generation. 


Mariana Lopes

Being actively involved in sports has always been a top priority in my life. Having moved to the US at 10 years old I used sports to express myself, make friends and learn the language. But I also remember wishing there was a higher emphasis on women professional athletics. Needless to say there’s an overwhelming pride in being part of the inaugural sidewinders professional ultimate frisbee team and getting to do my part in advancing professional women’s sports.


Captain-Lauren Aragon

I grew up playing sports as one of the only girls to play with the boys at recess, and wanting to play college basketball for the men’s team because that was all I knew. High level women’s sports had no visibility when I was growing up, so getting the opportunity to play ultimate professionally is not only a dream come true, but also a chance to show young athletes that they have a future in this sport. I am proud and honored to be one of the first Sidewinders and to bring professional ultimate to Arizona. The ultimate community here is unlike any other and our players deserve to be showcased at this level.


Jade Mclaughlin

Making the Sidewinders validated a lifetime of hard work and dedication. It took commitment, drive, social justice, sweat, tears, joy, pain, victory, defiance, motivation, endurance, strength, and heart from many individuals and entire communities to make this dream a reality and I am so happy to be a part of it! I look forward to representing a positive organization and moving the needle for gender equality and representation. Also snakes are dope! Peace and Love.


Samantha Myland

To be a part of the first and only professional ultimate team in AZ is such an honor. It has given me such motivation to be the best athlete I can be and there's a lot of motivation when there are such amazing women on the field alongside me. There is not one player I can't learn something from. I cannot wait to see the growth of this team as we continue to push each other to be the best!


Betsy Basch

I'm 40-years-old & I'm a founding player of the Arizona Sidewinders. No matter what happens in my life or my career, I get to say that, and it's true. I was the right player, at the right time, in the right place, that knew the right people and did the right things. This is the kind of serendipity they make movies from.


Lindsey Doyle

Sidewinders represents the highest level of athletic success for me personally, the first professional ultimate team in Arizona, and the start of something great for the next generation of players. These women lead with strength and positivity to support, challenge, and push each other. As a mom, the best and most humbling part for me, is counting myself among some of the most inspiring, selfless, and talented athletes setting an example for my daughter and other young women. My daughter will grow up with a professional athlete for a mom, and a whole team of pro athlete “aunties” as part of our ultimate family. I am proud to be a part of this team of women; a powerhouse of strategic, athletic, talented women who will take the field, the league, and the sport by storm!


Brooke Wooldridge

The first practice weekend with my new teammates was March 7 and 8 – inklings of Covid were bumbling up, but March Madness wasn’t cancelled yet. I’m a Sidewinder’s out-of-towner. This weekend I met nearly everyone on the team for the first time. And it was awesome. We all stayed at one of our teammates badass cabin in the woods on Saturday night: hosting a jam-packed get-to-know-sleepover. A few highlights I can mention involve seeing one Sidewinder suffer through having her teammate drill a hole into her big toenail to drain a blood blister, reminiscing the elementary years trashing kids at wall-ball and four square (a seemingly common theme among female athletes), talking of hardships and big dreams in the future. Then that was all changed. I think about that weekend often. Wish I experienced more. Given how crappy this year has felt sometimes, the good news is: Shouldn’t be too hard to make next year better! Happy cry face.


Kaitlyn Kaiser

It's been amazing to be a part of the first professional ultimate team in Arizona! Even though we didn’t get to play a game together this team worked really hard! I am excited to grow the ultimate community in Arizona and see what next season brings. 


Jordan Harn

Being on the inaugural roster for the Sidewinders motivated me to take a more active role in promoting both the sport of ultimate frisbee and womxn in athletics. The other people on this team have taught me so much about selflessness and how to advocate for and support those around me. 


Cheyenne Lopez

The southwest has honed some mighty fine female athletes. After years of playing against, it's a dream come true to call these ultimate loving superstars my teammates. Despite circumstances, the hard work and commitment has not waned and serves as a constant well of inspiration to keep getting after it. Get ready for a super snakey summer 2021. 


Cynthia Thomas

It has been surreal to have been a part of the AZ Sidewinders’ inaugural year. I have spent my entire Ultimate career playing on AZ teams and playing in the Southwest, so being a part of its first professional Ultimate team has been nothing short of a dream. The ladies on this team are so full of talent, fun, and overall awesomeness, that it has been such an honor to learn from and share this experience with all of them. I know we’ll continue to do great things together in the future!

Practice Players


Amber Ubelhor

Being a part of the Sidewinders has been an incredible experience! Seeing so many amazing women play and being able to play right next to them has been so inspiring. Not to mention just being able to get to know everyone so much better and being able to learn from the wealth of experience and knowledge this team possesses. I’m honored to have been a part of this inaugural season and look forward to seeing how the community continues to grow in Arizona! 


Kerry Murphy

I have been playing ultimate in Arizona for a long time and often wondered what it would be like to have the best women statewide playing together. Sidewinders made that a reality and a community. These women have challenged me more than I’ve ever experienced and I’m excited to see such a fierce level of competition from the southwest. I’m grateful and honored to be a part of the team this season.


Courtney King

It took me years to understand why watching NFL, NBA or NHL games failed to excite me the same way it would my peers, then I realized I did get a thrill from watching sports on TV, only it was the US Women's National Soccer team. I grew up with one team to truly believe in. Today, I am a proud member and supporter of the first AZ Womxn's Professional Ultimate team. I am excited to be part of the Western Ultimate League and hope that it and the Premier Ultimate League will help fill the gap and increase visibility of womxn's professional sports teams around the world.   


Melissa Steller

Words can’t express how honored I feel to have been a part of the first group of womxn to call themselves Sidewinders. To be a professional athlete takes grace and dedication and there is no shortage of either on this team. I am truly thankful to forever be apart of the Sidewinders family, and can’t wait to get back on the field to play and learn alongside such an inspiring and hardworking group of womxn.


Michelle Tanner

It has been a great experience being part of the Sidewinders inaugural season.  I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to connect and play with so many talented players from across the southwest.  It's been inspiring to see the hard work and dedication from everyone on this team.  I'm excited to see this team in action in the future!


Sabrina Bonaci

Being even a small part of this team in a wild first season has brought me so many opportunities. Opportunities for immense growth as a player and athlete with the ability to learn from and play alongside incredible womxn. Coming from a small college team and a year of club experience, even in this short season has taught me so much and given me valuable experience. I am honored to be part of the beginning of this program and to have played with and learned from the absolute best. 


Rachael Ramirez

The Sidewinders brought me inspiration and motivation. Even though I didn’t make the roster, being a practice player has been such an honor. I am inspired every day by the ladies on the team. Their drive feeds my drive. While I no longer live in Arizona, I still hold so much pride in the ultimate community that has formed around my home state and I cannot wait to see how far the Sidewinders will go in the coming years.